World Renowned Training Programs


Training Programs

1.      Combat Focus Shooting Program-Fundamentals
2.      Combat Focus Shooting Program-Intermediate Level
3.      Counter Ambush Training Program-Fundamentals
4.      Counter Ambush Training Program-Intermediate Level
5.      Concealed Carry Weapon Fundamentals-Introduction
6.      Concealed Carry Weapon Fundamentals-Intermediate Level
7.      Introduction to Defensive Handguns: Inside the Home
8.      Combat Focus Shooting Training For Women
9.      NRA Range Safety Officer Course
10.    NRA Introduction to Pistols
11.    NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

Our Certified Instructors

Bob & Jolyn are the Co-Owners of Identify-Point-Fire, LLC, [IPF] a Firearms Training Company based in South Florida. IPF specializes in training civilians to successfully survive a Dynamic Critical Incident either Inside or Outside the Home. They are both Certified Firearms Training Coaches and are Certified as Combat Focus Shooting Instructors. Their credentials include the following accomplishments:
·     NRA Instructors [Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home,
        Chief Range Safety Officer]
·    Graduates: Combat Focus Instructor Development Program
·    Graduates: I.C.E. Defensive Fireams Coach Instructor Development Program
·    Graduates: U.S. Training Center [Formerly Blackwater]
·    Graduates: GLOCK Professional Instructor Program
·    Graduates: Center Axis Relock [C.A.R.] Instructor Development Program
·    Graduates: MAG 20-Massad Ayoob’s Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Course
·    Certified GLOCK Armorers
·    NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
·    NRA Recruiters
·    NRA Benefactors
Their diversified credentials have enabled them to obtain their CCW Credentials in multiple states across the country which includes being Certified as a Firearms Safety Course Instructors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of State Police.
The 1st Law of Gun Safety –
All Guns Are Always Loaded!
The 2nd Law of Gun Safety –
Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are on the Target and you are Ready to Shoot!
The 3rd Law of Gun Safety –
Always Point your Gun in a Safe Direction…Depending on the Range, either Down Range or Down towards the Ground!
The 4th Law of Gun Safety –
Big Picture…It’s a Hugh Responsibility to own a Gun & It’s your responsibility to act appropriately with your Gun because either you or someone else can be Injured or Killed!

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