The Revolver: To Have or Have Not!

Identify Point Fire
Since Jolyn and I started managing our Firearms Training Educational Program in 2009, we had developed a built in bias for Semi-Auto Handguns. Identify Point FireThis bias was honestly not based on anything other than all of our Instructors had a bias towards Semi-Autos as well. The majority of our Students also had this Semi-Auto bias/preference. However, as our business expanded, we began to have more Students asking for Revolver firearms training. Why Revolvers in the middle of the “high-tech” Semi-Auto craze? Their parents had Revolvers in the houses; their grandfathers &/or fathers had Revolvers on the farm or on the job ; and of course….their gun dealers pushed Revolvers as a “Women’s” must-have option despite the fact that a Revolver trigger might be too heavy; the grip may be too large; the recoil might be too powerful! Not knowing enough about Revolvers, we tended to convince a large group of these Students to switch their Revolver preference to Semi-Autos. We provided the remaining small group of our Students with basic NRA Revolver fundamentals.
After price escalations and equipment shortages that hit the market in early 2013, it was much more difficult to convert Revolver-specific Students to Semi-Autos. To address the needs of these Students, we sought the best-of-the-best sources of information available about Revolvers. Our search extensively looked at the following points:
1. Advantages of a Revolver
2. Potential Revolver Modification Options
3. Revolver Grip Selection Options
4. Revolver Trigger Manipulation Options
5. Revolver Reloading Under Stress Best Practices
6. Carry Holster Options
7. Clearing Revolver Malfunction Best Practices
The answer to each of these searches consistently came up with one subject-matter-expert……………..Grant Cunningham!
Our first reference source was the Personal Defense Network.Identify Point Fire
PDN lead us to 2 of Grant’s publications at After purchasing and digesting Grant’s material, we realized that any Student and or Instructor who wants to be competent and efficient with a Revolver, they must go to Grant Cunningham!
Identify Point Fire  Identify Point Fire
The latest validation of Grant’s Revolver credentials came from Tiger McKee who had published an Article in the Tactical Wire [Thursday, September 26, 2013] about the correlation between Revolver competency/proficiency and Grant Cunningham.
Identify Point FireWho Is Grant Cunningham? [Extract from]
Grant Is A Renowned Author, shooting/self-defense Instructor, and Gunsmith who is particularly noted for his expertise with the double action revolver. In addition to his books for Gun Digest, Grant’s articles have been published in a number of magazines and he is a frequent contributor to the Personal
Defense Network.
When he’s not writing, Grant teaches shooting and self-defense courses around the country. Grant is a certified Combat Focus® Shooting Instructor, as well as teaching his own curriculum specific to defensive use of the double action revolver and lever action rifle. His students praise his unique style combining authoritative information with thorough yet engaging delivery.
Jolyn and I highly recommend Grant Cunningham as the Revolver subject-matter-expert for both Students and Instructors.
• Grant’s Books are “Must Read/Study/Review/Digest” Series of Publications
• Grant Cunningham’s Blog Posts are a “Must Read” as they are posted
• Grant Cunningham’s Firearms Training Courses are a “Must Take” Opportunity!
Grant can be contacted through his website @

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