Personal Self Defense: To Surrender or Not?

Jolyn and I had stimulated a discussion with our Students, both new and experienced, about the idea of letting the Identify Point FireBad Guy take what he wants from your home, place of business and/or your vehicle, regardless of their weapon, has been discussed. The non-intervention [Surrender] idea was raised by a new Student who believed that the Armed Bad Guy only wants-what-he/she-wants and really does not want to harm/hurt/kill anyone who gets in their way!
Since Jolyn and I have positioned ourselves as Firearms Instructors who Identify Point Fireare also Educators and Coaches, we utilized an Article that had been written by Larry Mudgett and published on January 9, 2012 at Michael Bane’sDownRange.TV as Coaching/Teaching and resource/reference tools. Larry’s Article, “Why Surrender Is Never an Option”, created an exciting dialogue within our Training Group. Even though Larry wrote this Article in 2012, it was listed in Bane’s October 12, 2013 Newsletter as one of the Most Popular Articles in the past 30 days! The good news is that Students see the viability, as we do, of Larry’s topic.
Larry’s opening focus is his 3 Phases of Surrender:
Phase #1: Failing To Be Armed, Trained & Committed to Fight. We are prepared to surrender when we are unprepared to resist!
Phase #2: Failing to be Alert! You must see trouble coming in order to have time to respond. The warning may be less than one second but it will be there and it must be recognized and acted upon immediately.
Phase #3: Giving Up Your Weapons!
These 3 Phases, plus the rest of the Article, had set the tone for a great discussion within our Group. As you can see from of these comments, Surrender is Not an option! :
SHARON: Surrender should never be an option! That’s one of the reasons we have guns to not be victims!
Generally, Bad Guys don’t have rules and as a result there is a line that needs to be drawn so we know when to defend ourselves. I believe this article is on the money as the point being made is to resist. That requires an investment in time and $ to learn how to do that, and not just with a firearm. It requires a shift in your mindset to not become a victim. Go learn and perfect some basic skills self-defense skills, regardless of age. You never know when you will need to defend yourself, those you love, or the weak and defenseless – just like the soldier did with his knife in the article. I believe that to be honorable. I am not a solider in the military, but I damn near train like one……….must be a NY thing!

When I was taught how to play Blackjack one important rule of smart play was to always assume that the dealer’s ‘down’ card was at least a picture card (worst case scenario). You should play accordingly.

Players who tried to play a hunch and banked on being lucky would lose more often than winning.
If a person is willing to impose their will on me under threat then I must assume that they will carry out that threat even if
I allow myself to go from capable of resisting to being incapable.
It is clearly a mindset issue. I have been confronted by many very serious physical threats over the years with no weapon available. Vividly clear in my mind was that I would do anything I had to to do to neutralize that threat. If it was an equal match of numbers, size, and strength, where no weapons were in play, then perhaps the threat was not so great.
Many times that was not the case. When I was out numbered or was in a whole different universe of size and weight class, that was a different ballgame. In that case, if that meant taking out an eye with my finger, or using my teeth on a nose, throat, or removing a finger, I was absolutely prepared to do so with zero hesitation.
On several occasions, I believe that, it was so obvious that I had such a committed mindset that the threat self-neutralized. Why was that? I believe that there are predators that thrive on the fear exhibited by their prey. Take that away and add the potential risk
that they may get seriously injured, oftentimes they reassess the situation.
They can always smell a bluff. The mindset has to be genuine. The willingness to act must be with no hesitation.Identify Point Fire
Just to reiterate……just because you have a self-defense weapon, does not mean that you are really prepared to defend yourself and/or your family.
1. Have you participated in reality-based, self-defense training programs?;
2. Are you prepared mentally to defend yourself and/or your loved ones?;
3. Are you physically prepared to defend yourself and/or your loved ones?; and;
4. Are you prepared for the legal fight that will occur if you must use deadly force to defend yourself and/or your loved ones?

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