Why We Teach CFS

Why We Teach Combat Focus Shooting

In order to support our Mission & reinforce our ability to train civilians to successfully survive a Dynamic Critical Incident, we both opted to continually seek out additional firearms training knowledge from the “best-of-the-best” firearms experts in the United States. This Group included Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian subject-matter-experts. Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn, Massad Ayoob, Instructional Staff from the U.S. Training Center, Bill Wilson, the late Paul Castle and Rob Pincus, to name a few. This journey included completing 506+ hours of hands-on training. We learned all the information, filtered out the best and most appropriate content that is relevant for civilians to successfully survive a Dynamic Critical Incident [aka A Combat Ambush] … our choice … Combat Focus Shooting!
While each subject-matter-expert had valuable information, no one had developed a total, comprehensive teaching/learning/coaching solution that would either (1) develop all the skill-sets that a novice Civilian would need, in a timely manner, to be prepared to survive a Combat Ambush; and/or no one (2) had a firearms training program and philosophy that would continually evolve & change based on empirical research data that was collected from various Law Enforcement Dash Board Video Cameras and surveillance footage of actual ambush situations. However, the additional point that made both us very receptive to CFS, was not only the research that was provided on the “how” and “why” our bodies respond/react to external stressors but also the “whys” of utilizing the various CFS Training Techniques. The research that was provided on the Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict, with appropriate references, were able to be validated each night by each CFS Instructor Candidate during our homework assignments. If you are a “Thinking Defensive Gunfighter”, the only conclusion that you could reach was…Combat Focus Shooting…as the ultimate solution for Consistent, Efficient Success!
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