Bob & Jolyn Esquerre

Biographical Abstract: Bob & Jolyn [Jo] Esquerre

Bob & Jolyn are the Co-Owners of Identify-Point-Fire, LLC, [IPF] a Firearms Training Company based in South Florida. IPF specializes in training civilians to successfully survive a Dynamic Critical Incident either Inside or Outside the Home. They are both Firearms Training Coach whose credentials include the following accomplishments:
·  NRA Instructors [Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home,
Range Safety Officer]
·  Graduates: I.C.E. Combat Focus Instructor Development Program
·  Graduates: I.C.E. Defensive Fireams Coach Instructor Development Program
·  Graduates: U.S. Training Center [Formerly Blackwater]
·  Graduates: GLOCK Professional Instructor Program
·  Graduates: Center Axis Relock [C.A.R.] Instructor Development Program
·  Graduates: MAG 20-Massad Ayoob’s Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement Course
·  Certified GLOCK Armorers
·  NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
·  NRA Recruiters
·  NRA Benefactors
Their diversified credentials have enabled them to obtain their CCW Credentials in multiple states across the country which includes being Certified as a Firearms Safety Course Instructors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of State Police.
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