Combat Focus Shooting 2014 Tour

Identify Point Fire
Are You Ready For This?
Record Number of Combat Focus Shooting Courses Scheduled For 2014
by Bob & Jolyn Esquerre
Why Join the 2014 Tour?
As all Firearms Instructors, we continually strive to provide each Student access to an ideal teaching/learning/coaching environment that would facilitate the Student’s ability to learn all the skills that they will need that supports their firearms training goals and objectives.
As Certified Combat Focus Shooting Instructors-Active, we adhere to an additional caveat to our opening statement….”It is ultimately the Student’s responsibility to become competent & proficient in managing both their firearms fundamentals and any advance personal defense skill sets that they want to learn.
We have found that the sooner a Student starts participating in their own evaluation process, the sooner they start taking ownership of their own development and growth of their own competency.
The CFS 2014 Tour is your perfect way to:
1. Find out what the current research based personal self-defense skills are; which will
2. Help you evaluate whether or not your skills are up-to-date with the current research; so that you can
3. Use the your 2014 CFS Tour experience to create your 2014 Skill Improvement Action Plan that will update your Skill Sets so you can successfully survive an Ambush.

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