CCW Lessons from Reality: Right & Wrong!

CCW Lessons from Reality: Right & Wrong!
By Bob & Jolyn Esquerre

Jolyn and I would like to reiterate 2 interrelated points/concepts before you read our latest Blog Post:

Point #1:

We are not Attorneys nor do we offer legal advice to either our Students or our Audience. We do, however, encourage everyone to retain the services of Legal Counsel to clarify any legal questions that you may have in general but more specifically, to clarify the use of Lethal Force in your jurisdiction..

Point #2:

We encourage our Students and our Readers to only use Lethal Force as a “last resort” after all other avoidance options have been exhausted. However, if Lethal Force is utilized, we encourage everyone to proactively prepare for the aftermath!

The following list of lethal-use-of-deadly-force cases have been in the headlines in Florida over the past few years:

Identify Point Fire

1. The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Case which shed light on
2. The Marissa Alexander “Warning Shot” Case; which shed light on
3. The Michael Giles, USAF, Case
4. The “Road Rage Trial of retired Dentist Wayne Tover
5. The Curtis Reeves Movie Theater Shooting; and most recently
6. The William Dunn “Loud Music” Shooting Case.

Jolyn and I look at each of these Cases as teaching/learning/coaching opportunities that will give our students a much more comprehensive understanding of what is required to be a responsible gun owner and know when and how to use deadly force as a last resort.

A summary of these Cases are included in TABLE “A”: REFERENCE GUIDE.

While we totally agree that it’s every Student’s responsibility to be aware of the Laws in their particular jurisdictions as it relates to the Use of Deadly Force, it is also the Instructor’s responsibility to create in each Student an appreciation of the need to stay current with the evolving nature of the laws within their jurisdictions. This goes to both responsible gun ownership and Student mindset.

Identify Point FireAs you look at these Florida-specific Cases, some things were done right and some things were done wrong if you compare and contrast the Shooters’ actions to Massad Ayoob’s 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry.

Of Ayoob’s 10 Commandments, the following 3 Commandments seems to be “broken” more frequently than not:
Commandment #3:

Don’t Let the Gun Make You Reckless. Check Your Ego at the Door! As Opsspec1991 stated on the USA Carry Blog …There is always someone badder, tougher, and smarter. Use situational awareness to avoid a situation”.        

Commandment #8:

Understand the Fine Points. “Know the laws of your city, county, state. Know what to do at a traffic stop, know what to say when someone accidentally sees your piece”. We would also recommend that Students should read Greg Ellifritz’s article on Preclusion [TABLE “A”].                   

Commandment #10:

Use Common Sense.  Be a responsible gun carrier – know when using a gun is appropriate.  “Always look to deescalate the situation and avoid situations that can become problematic”.

Another teaching/learning/coaching tool that we use is the Michael Bane “Best Defense Video Series.  In The “Wrong and Right Way to Shoot Someone” episode, with input from both Rob Pincus and Mike Janich, the viewers are given a reality-based perspective about how to use lethal force and what to do during the aftermath. Below is the link to this Episode:

Wrong and Right Way to Shoot Someone [Best Defense]


Identify Point FireJolyn and I aren’t the only Firearms Instructors who have come across Students who (1) either only focus on their training skills but never focus on their mental skills and (2) or Students who don’t really focus on either their fundamentals or on their mind sets. It’s these 2 categories of individuals who tend to do it wrong!


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