Jolyn and I have been teaching both CCW Classes and Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home in Florida for 4 years. In August, 2012, we increased our teaching and coaching skill sets by becoming Active Combat Focus Shooting Instructors. Our total teaching, coaching and learning objective is built around……
The Creation of a blueprint of consistent and efficient learned self-defense responses for each Student so that they are able to successfully respond to and survive a Dynamic Critical Incident (aka “An Ambush”!) either Inside or Outside the Home!
These are a few of the comments and/or situations that we have found by talking to some Florida CCW License Holders:
 1. A CCW Holder bought one type of gun because it was expensive not because of how it functioned;
2. This same CCW Holder wears a particular gun for self-defense because it’s expensive;
3. The Manual Safety on a CCW Holder’s EDC Gun was too tight to use….that’s why he doesn’t use the Manual Safety when he carries a 1911;
4. A Gun Collector’s EDC is a custom made 1911…..but on examination…it had not been lubricated & it was out of “Battery”;
5. A CCW Holder has her EDC in her Purse without a Holster [she also hadn’t trained with EDC in her Purse];
6. Another CCW Holder has her EDC under her leg, without a Holster, while driving home from a Bar at 2 AM in the morning [with her convertible top down];
7. The Owner of a restaurant asked a CCW Holder what he was carrying that night… he opened up his jacket and showed him his Gun;
8.A CCW Holder carries a Gun in his Pocket without a Holster so he can get to it “faster” [Oh….he’s never trained drawing from his Pocket];
9. A CCW Family has guns positioned throughout the House “just-in-case”……but they haven’t trained with them all;
10.  We confronted a first-time Student…”Why did you point your Gun at us?”……His response…..”Because It wasn’t loaded”!;
11. When asked what he would do if someone had threatened his family or his employees, a Florida CCW License Holder said…..”I would let them take what they wanted and then they would just leave without hurting anyone!”;
12. Another CCW Holder was home alone and went to check on a strange noise outside her Front Door….She had left her Gun on the Bedroom Table”; “Instead of calling 911, She called a Neighbor”!
As you can see from this list, these individuals have a major disconnect between owning a firearm and understanding how to responsibly train with a firearm; and if necessary, actually use their firearm in a self-defense situation. In fact, it hasn’t dawned on them that their Concealed Carry Class was only a licensing class and not a training class. But they have their Licenses and have/carry their guns.
This Situation gets worse when we realize that:
1. most CCW License/Permit Holders in Florida, for example, have never been trained on how to use a Holster;
2. some have never trained outside of a static counter-top while shooting at stationery Paper Targets;
3. some have never really trained nor have they managed their guns in a stressful situation; and
4. most have not actually trained in a Low Light/No Light even though most “Ambushes” occur under these conditions.



Our job, in fact, is to provide/create a teaching, coaching and learning environment for our Students that reflects a synergistic relationship between Hardware [the Student’s Equipment Selection Process] and Software [the Student’s understanding of reality-based training & the Student’s Mindset].
Tiger McGee captures our observations by stating in the December 9th issue of the Shooting Wire [“Training with Home Defense Guns”] the following…..” It’s amazing to me the number of people who have or recently bought firearms in the name of “self-defense” but never attend the training required to use that weapon to defeat a violent attacker. Many people carry firearms, and technically they are armed, but few attend the training necessary to actually respond to a dangerous confrontation”.
Rob Pincus further reinforces our observations by stating in his December 3rd Press Release [announcing the launch of the ICE Training Company’s Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program], that…… “Reality-Based Training provides the conditioning, decision-making skills and stress inoculation that can save lives in real-world scenarios”. He also reiterates his observation that “Although gun ownership has risen dramatically in recent years, training has lagged behind, creating a huge gap between the number of civilians who own firearms, and those who have had sufficient training.”
This short video clip about “Training at the Speed of Life”, with Rob Pincus and Ken Murray, provides a brief introduction to Reality Based Training.



Click Here To Watch The Video

Gun Fighting is high speed problem solving situation. What’s going to save you in a gunfight, according to Wes Doss, is you and your skills, not some expensive piece of equipment! Therefore, the question really is… can Students train to (1) collect data during an ambush; (2) analyze that data rapidly; and (3) respond in the most efficient way possible? The answer…………the ICE Training Company’s Reality Based Training Program!

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